Teaching Moments

Though I had planned to share more about our early homeschooling experiences, the kids did something yesterday that warmed my heart and reminded me about all the reasons this journey has been so worth it!

Little brother is getting ready to start kindergarten, and he’ll attend a once a week/all day homeschool supplement program with his siblings. Seeing that mixed in with his excitement about starting school was a bit of anxiety, big sister decided to make sure he was up to par in his education. I heard them reciting the alphabet and giggling for some time…until her teacher voice turned quite stern and commanding.  “Read this!!!” she insisted.  Next to her was a stack of readers with complete sentences rather than the simple words that were more at his level. I suggested going back to alphabet sounds, since the little one didn’t seem certain about every letter.

Some time later, I was summoned upstairs to see their new learning strategy.  Older brother had joined in and helped put together this alphabet lesson: Image

They had spread out the alphabet flash cards and challenged little brother to find toys with beginning sounds that matched the cards! Learning became fun and real and the importance of the letters connected with his treasures!  These are the moments I cherish, when learning takes on another dimension to include relationship-building and love.