Beautiful Century Is My Name

10277522_10152623091812467_902689977658309342_nWhen I started this blog several years ago, it was to share snippets of my life, funny experiences as a mom or cute anecdotes about homeschooling…and for a season that was good.

Then life took a gazillion twists and turns, and I was just hanging on for dear life! Somewhere in there, in the chaos of living, I lost my voice. Maybe it was just for a season of quiet focus and rebuilding, but now I feel ready to step forward again to share my life. But this time, I want to write…from my heart.

Life has been a grand mixture of adventure and tragedy and brave moments and terribly sad moments. But the greatest part of all of this is the constancy of God throughout all the seasons of my life. He has been there, “a very present and well-proved help in trouble.” Psalm 46:10

Beautiful Century, Japanese characters specifically chosen to form the meaning of my name. One of the greatest gifts that my mother gave me, her hope that my life would have meaning and make an impact.


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