Be You (tiful)


I love this quote! “Assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision…” It reassures me that there is a place for me in this world and also that my tribe exists, even if it’s been awhile since I’ve come across a kindred spirit…


Goofing off while waiting for our food. I actually LIKE the mustache…

Why yes, that is a kitchen scrubbie and also a plastic propeller on my head! These were both for a fashion challenge using items from the Dollar Store.


Matching my eyeliner and hair streak for a night out

These shoes were an anniversary present last year –  a perfect match with my favorite polyester green pants!8472_10151669082247467_2143628731_nLife has its share of challenging times, but I try to insert moments of levity when I can (or take my eyes off of the negative to remember to do that.) A few years ago, when my husband called me to let me know he had been let go at his job, I determined to throw a family dance party that night as an act of faith, believing that God had something better for us and that He was going to see us through that difficult time. He did and has always been faithful to give us what we need and to lead us through the storms to steady ground on the other side.

Another act of faith is being who God has created each of to be – uniquely wonderful, interesting and an awesome creation by a Master Artist. My kids have given me a persona and nickname: “Weird Asian.” And I own it proudly! Be You (tiful) = Beautiful!!!