Lost In Translation Part 2

You didn’t ask for this
Nobody ever would
Caught in the middle of this dysfunction
It’s your sad reality
It’s your messed up family tree…

No, this is not your legacy, this is not your destiny
Yesterday does not define you
This is not your meant to be
I can break the chains that bind you

You’re my child
You’re my chosen…
And I will restore
All that was broken
You are loved, You are loved
“Family Tree” by Matthew West

An assignment in my Contemporary/Choreography class a few weeks ago: a 30-45 second original dance to the theme “My Story.”

In life and with all aspects of my art, I passionately believe in pouring my heart into it completely. I don’t do mediocre. It’s pretty much all or nothing with me. I am compelled to give it my all.

Though this was “just an assignment for class,” for me in was the first time I pulled back the veil in dance to share a portion of my story. The week leading up to class was emotional, as I cut music and worked on the choreography. I felt so vulnerable. Raw. Sad. The truth of what I experienced and lived through, things I don’t think about often, brought to the forefront made me cry.12308589_10153255462172467_5097045190231507033_n

I had my back to the class as the song started. With my wrists bound with a long red scarf, I slowly turned around. Then I danced the struggle and the torment. Crushed by hopelessness. With no one to help me, no one safe. I was alone.

When he sings, “I can break the chains that bind you,” my hands were set free, and I raised the red scarf over my head in victory. Next the scarf gently draped my head, and I wrapped each corner around me in an embrace.

The song makes this declaration from the Lord: This was NOT my legacy, NOT my destiny. Yesterday and the family system I grew up in DOES NOT define me. What they said about me was NOT my meant to be. I’m His child, I’m His Chosen. I am loved. I am loved!

The Lost in Translation part, similar to my art class assignment, was the same sensation of blank faces staring back at me. The lack of response or feedback. Maybe they didn’t understand what I shared and how significant it was for me. But I did the dance for me and for the Lord, to declare what He has done for me. He is continually restoring me, all that was broken and damaged. His hands are gentle, His voice is soft. He is dependable, kind and loving. He is my Father, a very Good, Good Father.


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