A New Season

1231545_10151652567112467_1549183529_nWe just found out the closing date on our new home, which is in two months. Interestingly, we will be moving out of our current rental just about four years to the day we moved in.

The seasons of life.

Four years ago, we didn’t know what state we would be living in…in more ways than the geographical location. A job opened on the west coast but we were visiting family on the east coast, while our belongings were still in Colorado. Slowly the picture came together, and we were able to secure this rental in Colorado.

A charming home in a neighborhood with many friends, it was a soft landing place and enabled us to slowly build back our lives.

I have such fond memories of our first days in the house! It snowed heavily right after our POD was delivered, and I didn’t have a shovel. So I used a small boogie board to clear snow off of the van in order to get to the store! Our neighbor took pity on us and left his array of shovels on our walkway. The kids and I slept in sleeping bags in one of the bedrooms, drawing comfort in snuggling together as we unpacked our treasures and set about establishing our new home. Knowing people in our neighborhood helped make the transition easier – friends dropped in with balloons and treats to welcome us back to Colorado.

I am so grateful for the time we had in this home. We had an awesome management company and great neighbors that helped make our time here special. As we transition to our forever home, I will recall the lessons I learned about God’s faithfulness throughout our time in this house. He saw us through job changes, physical and emotional storms including unexpected tornadoes that threatened to devastate us. New ideas and opportunities blossomed here, like the roses I tended to, some with thorns that had to be dealt with carefully. We laughed, we cried, we danced and played hide and seek…many special memories were made within these walls. Thank You, Lord, for sheltering us here.