These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

So I needed a new pair of boots. Preferably Dr. Martens. But they’re not quite in the budget, especially with an upcoming move into our new home. I saw this pair in a store, but they were the wrong size. And there weren’t any other boots similar to it, so I figured it was an online purchase that got returned.


Sure enough, they were on clearance and mostly sold out. Nationwide. Except one store in New Jersey had them in my size. I called my sister-in-law in New Jersey to find out if the store was close to her, and it was within thirty minutes. I asked if she would let me know if she was ever out that way to check on the boots. The next day, she called me from the store and had the boots in front of her!!! She happened to be in the area on an errand.

Color of the boot. Check. Shoe size. Check. Price…they were discounted further, on MEGA clearance. Check, check, CHECK OUT NOW!!!!

My mother-in-law mailed the boots to me this week along with our other Christmas packages, and the shipping cost more than the boots! I wore them around the house to break them in and out for the first time today.

Comfortable. Cool. And the style I like. This Mama, after slipping and sliding the last few years in not-so-cool-sub-par boots, is ready to stomp about town. Bring it, snow and ice. I’m ready to walk all over you.