No Longer The Clown


Some things I have come to realize during the course of participating in the 30 Days of Content Challenge and forcing myself to write when I’ve been tempted to retreat back into my inner quiet…

Under times of stress or uncertainty, I often want to chop off my hair.

What I call my “public persona,” often a clown, is a smokescreen to my authentic self who is quieter. I didn’t realize how often I retreated and put forth this alter ego. She is louder, goofier and more in your face than my truer self. I guess I’ve depended on her to protect the more fragile and authentic me.

With blogging, the temptation to write for the audience versus sharing from my heart has been a challenge. But I have lots of thoughts and things to share, so I press pass what may be popular to what is truly Miki. It’s time to retire the clown.